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Are your family dental costs adding up?

Cover for Orthodontics:

The cost of braces can really add up, particularly if you have more than one child requiring this form of dental treatment. On average, orthodontic treatment can cost upwards of €3,000* depending on the dental practice so if you have three children requiring braces, you could end up paying at least €9,000 for orthodontic care. However, with Cornmarket’s Dental Insurance you will be covered for up to €1,000 on a level 3 plan and up to €750 on a level 2 plan for the cost of this treatment** (subject to a person being aged between 8 to 18 years old and an 18 month waiting period).

Cover for everyday dental treatment:

What’s more, dental insurance costs for every day treatment such as check-ups, x-rays and extractions can really add up. The table below demonstrates the cost of treatment and the refund you would get back if you had Cornmarket Dental Insurance (refund based on DeCare’s TeamCare Access Level 3 plan which is available at €31.23 per month).

TreatmentEstimated Cost% RefundRefund Value
Check Up x 2€80.00100%€80.00
Fillings x 2€180.0070%€126.00
Extraction x 1 €95.0070%€66.50
Root Canal (molar) x 1€475.0070%€332.50

Cornmarket’s Dental Insurance Plans are available to suit all budgets, starting from as little as €20 per month***. All these Plans fully cover investigative and preventative treatments as well as emergency worldwide cover. Most dental practices offer direct settlement facilities whereby the member simply shows their membership card and the cost of treatment is billed to the insurer. You can choose from three levels of dental cover with Cornmarket with varying benefits available across Plans.

For more information on the most suitable dental Plan for your needs contact Cornmarket on (01) 420 0992.

*Price of treatment taken from Smiles, https://www.smiles.ie/smiles-dental-price-list/orthodontics-price-list/

**Orthodontic cover only available on DeCare Level  3 & DeCare Level 2 Plan
***DeCare TeamCare Access Level 1 plan available through Cornmarket at €20.54 per month. Dental Insurance is underwritten by DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland DAC. DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland DAC trading as DeCare Dental is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Cornmarket cannot be held responsible for information held on external websites.