It's simple to claim tax back, and you could be due a refund.

Over 82% of Cornmarket Tax Return Service PAYE customers received a tax refund in 2023. You can claim tax back for four years on expenses including:

Medical expenses

You can claim for tax relief at 20% on the following expenses:

  • Doctor, GP, consultant or hospital fees
  • Orthoptic or similar treatment referred by a practitioner
  • Drugs or medicines prescribed by a doctor, dentist or consultant (up to a certain amount)
  • Items or treatments prescribed by a doctor, e.g. a physio
  • Transport by ambulance
  • Non-routine dental treatments, e.g. crowns/veneers/root canal
  • Certain dietary products recommended by a doctor, e.g. coeliac/diabetic.

This information is correct as of May 2024.

Education fees

You can claim tax relief on fees over €3,000 per household (including the student contribution) that you have paid for approved third level education courses. You may be the student, or you may pay the fees on the student's behalf. You can claim the relief if you have actually paid the fees.

The maximum you can claim is €7,000 per course per year, and the first €3,000 per household for full-time courses is not claimable. This information is correct as of May 2024.

Flat rate expenses

Similar to tax credits, these are money-off your tax bill. Flat rate expenses are a job-related tax relief. Nurses, teachers and other occupations receive these. They are given at your marginal rate of tax.  For example, a teacher on full time hours will get tax relief of €518 and will also qualify for money back on their Teaching Council registration fees, or a nurse who supplies and launders their uniform will receive tax relief of €733. This information is based on 2024 rates.

Remember to check your tax credits!

Tax credits are great. They are like money-off vouchers against your tax bill. The more credits you have, the less tax you will pay and the higher your net salary will be. Your basic credits are your:

  • Personal credit (worth €1,875) and
  • PAYE credit if you are working (worth another €1,875).

This information is based on 2024 rates.

Other expenses which you can get relief on:

  • Certain pension contributions
  • Dependant relative credits
  • Age related credits