With so much dental insurance out there, it’s tricky to chew over what’s best for your needs. More and more Irish people are buying dental insurance to protect against the rising costs of major dental and oral procedures, for themselves and their children.  Few people relish a trip to the dentist’s chair, and part of that is cost. However many dental products give you full cover for check-ups, x-rays and emergency treatments.

The recent rise in dental insurance for children is due to the expense of orthodontic treatment – sometimes upwards of €3,000. Some types of policies will give you cover and let you claim €1,000 on this treatment (subject to 18 or 24 month wait period, across different providers). Also with some providers you will pay a flat fee for a family policy, regardless of whether you have one, two or three kids covered. 

Dental policies are available from around €21 per month, including fully investigative, preventative and emergency treatment immediately, without hidden excess or waiting periods. Dental cover also aims to reduce the need for major procedures by encouraging good dental hygiene. They achieve this with full coverage of initial (preventative and investigative) visits, then a percentage of cover for basic and major treatments (between 40% and 70% depending on your plan).

Below are the refunds for members covered by DeCare’s TeamCare Access Level 3 plan, which costs €31.23 per month.