What do you enjoy about working in Cornmarket?

Two things that stand out for me, are the endless possibilities for career progression and the friendships I have made with both my co-workers and managers. Work ethic and performance are rewarded comparatively. I can see a clear pathway to reach my career goals and I feel my progression here is completely within my own control.


What does your typical day look like?

Every day is completely different. I enjoy the level of independence managing my own diary. In the morning, I could have an appointment with a newly qualified client in their 20’s still adjusting to receiving a full time wage. Midday I might be in a hospital presenting to staff on the benefits of booking a financial health check with us. Later that day could be an appointment with a client in their 60’s coming close to retirement. The strength of the Cornmarket brand puts clients at ease safe in the knowledge that their needs are always put first.


What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead in Cornmarket?

I would say the January launch of any new performance incentives is something every consultant here looks forward to. This job is all about looking forward and I would hope to go above and beyond on what I achieved last year to see where my Cornmarket career will take me next. It is definitely an exciting place to work.