What do you enjoy about working in Cornmarket?

There are many things that I enjoy about working in Cornmarket. It has such a friendly atmosphere and I get on great with everyone that I work with, be it people directly on the same team as me or in other departments. I feel comfortable sharing ideas and wouldn’t hesitate going to my manager if I was having difficulties.

There is also a great work-life balance with Cornmarket, with the Sports and Social Club holding some sort of event each month such as the pub quiz, summer BBQ, or BYOB Bowling. On a more professional level, another thing I enjoy about working in Cornmarket is the encouragement and support given to continuously develop yourself. Between completing professional exams (QFA) or getting trained in on new tasks within the department, there is always opportunities to upskill.


What does your typical day look like?

The working day in Cornmarket is identical in structure, but given the nature of the job there is also a lot of variation, which I think is important. There’s always something new going on and I am dealing with such a broad range of things that I never get bored!


What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead in Cornmarket?

Over the next year I am looking forward to progressing within myself and my role as a sales support executive. It is always tough taking on a new role but the support and encouragement Cornmarket provide makes it so much easier. I’m also looking forward to seeing what else Cornmarket have planned for the year ahead such as all of the work done by our charity committee for the Peter McVerry Trust - this year we had a table quiz,‘dancing with the stars’ night, and lots of other fun events.