A properly maintained car can weather winter temperatures. Service your car regularly, this will ensure your tyres, battery, wiper blades and anti-freeze are checked and winter ready. But if your budget doesn’t stretch to this a few simple steps can keep your vehicle in good working order this winter.

Check your Tyres

1.6mm is the legal limit for tread depth but during winter, 3mm is recommended for driving.  Make sure to check the spare tyre and ensure that your tyres are properly inflated to get the best possible traction with the road. 


Battery failure is one of the most common causes of breakdown during the winter months. Replacing your battery when necessary, can save you a lot of time and inconvenience. Cold temperatures reduce the capacity of any battery and if it is more than three years old we recommend having it checked.

Fill up

Do not let the fuel levels in your car drop below half full as you run the risk of your fuel tank freezing – make sure to fill up before you set off on a long journey. If you do get stuck at least you’ll be able to stay warm.

Be Seen

Check that all the light bulbs are working and that the headlights are clean and aimed correctly. All external lights should be cleaned regularly. Pay particular to this when the roads are salted.


Make frosty mornings a lot easier and stock-up on a plastic scraper and de-icer. 


Ensure coolant is topped up regularly to ensure a healthy engine as overheating is a common cause of breakdown. Top up the windscreen washer fluid; make sure it contains an anti-freeze agent. Check the vehicle handbook for the recommended ratio.

Carry an emergency kit

Some of the items you should include are a torch, spare batteries for your torch and bulbs, screen scraper/de-icer, jump leads, warning triangle, first-aid kit, mobile phone, warm blankets, extra water, shovel and study your road maps.

Wiper blades

Replace wiper blades regularly; add this to your winter checklist.


Keep a can of de-icer or WD-40 on hand to de-freeze frozen locks. Do not pour hot water on frozen locks as this will only increase the amount of water inside and result in the problem reoccurring. 

Now that you know how to get your car winter ready, make sure your car is protected, whatever the weather. For more information click here or call us on 0818 601 601

The information contained in this article is from https://www.aviva.ie/insurance/car-articles/getting-your-car-ready-for-winter-months/. Source, Aviva October 2017. Cornmarket cannot be held responsible for content contained on external websites.