To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, daily life has changed. With current restrictions it’s harder to get exercise, pick up food and do many of the things we enjoy. It can be very easy to slip into unhealthy habits during these uncertain times, so here are some simple tips that can help us stay healthy right now:


With our normal, everyday routines changed, it’s important to create a new routine. Many of us are now working from home which can be challenging with home and work boundaries blurred. To help with this adjustment we suggest:

Your workspace & working from home dress code!

·   If possible, set up a dedicated workspace.

·   Get dressed - Even if it’s just from pyjamas into a tracksuit, it helps you start the day right.

·   Make your bed - It’s such a small thing, but it can make a world of difference at the end of a day.

Stick to your normal work schedule

· Make sure to take time away from your workspace for lunch and when the work day is over log off and put your laptop away, if possible.

Try to catch up with work colleagues

· Your job is more than the work you do, it’s also the daily social catch-ups. Virtual meetings is a good way to maintain contact.

Healthy eating

Mindless snacking can be very easy with us spending more time at home. Unhealthy food is also a source of comfort in times of stress but try not slip into unhealthy eating habits. A tip that is always beneficial in everyday life and we should continue to follow is plan your meals and have healthier snacks readily available.

Don’t forget to hydrate too. It will help with your energy levels, skin and all round well-being during this time.

With a bit more time on our hands, this is also a great opportunity to improve our cooking skills. There are loads of healthy recipes online to try something new and delicious! We will all be well acquainted with Jamie Oliver when this is all over.


Staying active has always been important but now that we can no longer go to the gym it has become a bit more difficult.  If there is a local park nearby, get some air and exercise by going for a walk or run, making sure to follow guidelines by maintaining social distancing and stay within 2km from your home.

You can also exercise at home by finding some space to do activities such as yoga or pilates, there are plenty of videos online to follow. If you have some garden space, getting the family involved by using what you have in the house like a football or hurl is a great way to get moving and have some fun.  It is also a chance to show off your skills to the kids, which we’re sure they’ll appreciate.

Stay connected

Social distancing can feel very hard at times but it is the only way to protect ourselves and the ones we love right now. Just because we can’t be with some of our loved ones doesn’t mean we can’t keep in touch. Thanks to technology we can chat to our family and friends as often as we want, you can even make it interesting by setting up virtual quiz nights with friends or virtual playdates for kids.

Manage stress and anxiety

It’s hard not to feel a little bit anxious with everything going on and it’s important to be mindful of our mental health during this period of uncertainty. Keeping busy can help, with things like a new hobby you always wanted to try or simple stuff like watching that Netflix show you meant to get around to. We’ve all had to slow down because of what’s happening, try and take advantage of that with a bit of ‘me’ time.

Know how to protect yourself

The most important health tip right now is protecting yourself, your family and others from Covid-19. Follow the HSE and Government guidelines by practicing social distancing, good hand washing and cough etiquette. Learn more about the HSE advice here.


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