We’re delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership for all Cornmarket customers. We’ve teamed up with HomeSecure.ie, Ireland’s fastest growing alarm monitoring company, to offer our customers an exclusive 12.5% off home monitoring and a reduced instillation fee of only €99 for their 7 sensor system.

Recently we caught up with HomeSecure’s Hugh Ryan, who highlighted their top security tips, so when you're out at work or visiting friends, you can be sure that your house is safe.

HomeSecure’s top Security Tips:

  • Leave curtains open during the day – burglars hate being seen!
  • Keep a lamp on so your house looks well-lit and occupied from a distance
  • Shut internal doors, this way no one can see fully into your home
  • Sounds obvious, but don’t rush out of your house leaving any windows or external doors unlocked
  • Always set your alarm if you’re away even for just a short period. Modern alarms should come with an App to control your alarm remotely – handy if you think you’ve forgotten to set your alarm
  • If you’re lucky to be going away for an extended period, it’s no harm asking a neighbour to keep an eye on your home or using your driveway for their second car

So, if you haven’t gotten around to securing your home with a modern alarm system, now is the time to check out the exclusive Home Alarm deal we’ve secured for all Cornmarket customers.

We’ve locked in an exclusive 12.5% monitoring discount and 7 sensor system from HomeSecure.  What’s more we can also offer you an additional discount off your home insurance policy if you have a monitored alarm, as we know a monitored home is a more secure home.

Call one of HomeSecure’s friendly advisors on 1800 911 731 and let them know you are a Cornmarket customer.