There are simple changes you can make to reduce the likelihood of a burglary in your home. Have you ever left a spare key outside your home? Left a door or window open? Or shared your holiday plans on social media? If you answered yes to any the above, this needs to stop!

During winter months there is a 20% increase in burglaries. Home security should be your priority especially leading up to Christmas. We have put together a great guide which will help to improve your home security.

Windows and doors

Double check you’ve locked all your external doors and windows when leaving your home, and don’t forget to check your upstairs rooms also.

Security alarm

Where possible install an alarm. If a potential intruder sees your home has an alarm system it will likely deter them from trying to break in. However, if they decide to chance it, your alarm system is sure to scare them away.  

Spare key

There’s no such thing as a ‘good hiding place’ for spare keys outside your home. It’s that simple!

Social media

A very common mistake people make is broadcasting their holiday plans or nights out across social media. You may as well shout ‘my house is empty’. Restrict your security setting across all media accounts to private so only friends can view your posts.  

Garden checks

Make sure your garden doesn’t give potential intruders good hiding spots. Keep your hedges and shrubs to three feet max.


Having the lights consistently on while you’re away actually makes it more obvious nobody’s home. If possible purchase a smart plug in any electrical store. Plug your lamp in and turn it on and off from your phone or set your lamps on a timer.

Out of sight and reach

Don’t keep any valuables in view of your windows or letterbox because they’ll only entice burglars. Keep your keys out of these areas too because thieves often go ‘fishing’ through letterboxes for them.

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