Upcoming road trip? We’re sure you’ll pack the car with your favourite playlist, iPad for the kids and a few snacks to keep you going on your journey. There are many things that can happen to you when you are on the road, unfortunately a breakdown is one of them. But don't let that stop you! We’ve put together a 10-step quick and easy checklist to help avoid an unexpected breakdown.

Before you go…

  1. Read through your car insurance policy thoroughly. You need to know what you should do if you breakdown. 
  2. Charge up your mobile phone before you set off! You will need it in an emergency.
  3. It’s important to have emergency supplies with you at all times. This includes a triangle hazard, jump leads, spare fuel canister, and high-visibility jacket.
  4. Breakdown equipment is essential, double check your spare tyre, jack and wheel brace are all in good working order.  
  5. Check your tyre pressure regularly, this will help to avoid a puncture.

In the event of a breakdown…

  1. Pull in safely, indicate and manoeuvre at a slow speed using your indicator to signal to other drivers. Only use the hard shoulder in an emergency.
  2. Keep your lights on when parked. Also switch on your hazard lights, the more visible you are to oncoming traffic the safer you will be.
  3. Don't forget to exit the vehicle on the adjacent side to the driver seat. Ensure your passengers also do so!
  4. Use the triangle warning sign to let motorists know you have broken down.
  5.  Call your breakdown assistance provider, stay calm and have patience until they arrive.

Car trouble can happen to anyone, by following the steps above you can rest easy knowing you are as prepared as possible.

The information contained in this article is from https://www.aviva.ie/insurance/car-insurance/tips-to-survive-an-unexpected-breakdown/. Source: Aviva March 2019. Cornmarket cannot be held responsible for content contained on external websites.