Cornmarket is delighted to have teamed up with Hannah Tyrrell as part of our SHE Inspires Campaign. Hannah is a former Irish Rugby Player, a current Dublin GAA Player and is also a Secondary School Teacher. Amongst her many sporting achievements, Hannah was part of the Irish Rugby Team that won the 6 Nations in 2015 and is an All-Ireland Winner with the Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Team.

Our 'She Inspires...' campaign celebrates women who go above and beyond both in their day job as a front-line worker but also do extraordinary things outside of work.

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I am 33 years old, from Dublin. I am married and have an 8 month old daughter. I am an ex Irish rugby international and I currently play Gaelic Football for the Dublin Ladies team. I am a secondary school teacher in Dublin, my subjects are History and Geography.

When did you become a teacher?

I qualified from UCD in 2018.

What made you choose a career as a teacher?

I enjoy my subjects and want to try and share my passion with the students. I am also keen to ensure that every student reaches their potential and grows into a responsible member of society and can contribute to their community.

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

Interacting with students and seeing them enjoy different aspects of school.

What age did you get into sport?

I was about 7 years old when I joined soccer / football. My friends were joining and we did everything together.

Why did you choose Gaelic Football?

I started playing GAA aged 12 / 13 when there were no options to play girls football in my local area. I joined my school team and then Round Tower Clondalkin and loved the sport.

How do you juggle a career in the public sector with sport?

I think its important to have a good balance. When work can be stressful or demanding, it's nice to have sport to help you forget about the tough work days. When you’re injured from sport, work can be a nice distraction from the lows of injury.

What are you most proud of in your life?

My daughter, no doubt. She has been a pure joy to watch grow into a little girl over the past few months and she makes me incredibly happy.

If you have one piece of advice that you could tell your future self when you were younger what would it be?

That no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. Life is about picking yourself back up, dusting yourself off and going again, showing off your resilience and strength.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the world of sport?

To give it everything you have but most of all to enjoy it. The friends and relationships you make through sport will outlast your playing career.

Who has been an inspiration to you in your life?

Growing up watching Sonia O’ Sullivan in Athletics when few Irish women were featured in the media made me want to go to the Olympics and win medals.

My wife is a constant source of inspiration for me daily. She works in a field dominated by men and continues to push the boundaries in her field, excelling along the way. She also gave me my beautiful daughter and I can’t thank her enough for that.

Cornmarket is proud to champion female trailblazers in the public sector, like Hannah. For over 50 years we’ve been looking after the financial wellbeing of public servants. We’ll continue to safeguard your financial future so you can focus on the things that matter to you, in work and beyond.