Public Sector workers look after everyone, so we try to look after you. That’s why we offer our Financial Planning Service to every Public Sector employee completely free of charge.

In 2020, over 9,807 Public Sector employees benefited from our Financial Planning Service and 96% of them said the service was excellent or very good*. The service plans for your future, based around your needs and situation, and identifies savings you can make right now! Your Cornmarket consultant will:

1) Assess if you are on the correct point of the salary scale and if you are due any tax back.

Did you know that 85% of Cornmarket Tax return service customers overpay taxes?** We’ll make sure you’re getting all the entitlements available to you and not overpaying tax.

2) Explain what your pension entitlements will be and how to plan for your retirement.

This will include:

  • The future of pensions and the best way for you to save for your retirement
  • Help in setting your goals for the retirement you want
  • The increase in the State Pension age to 67 in 2021 and 68 in 2028 but this has been deferred pending "Pension Commission" findings due end of June 2021. This affects anyone who is paying ‘A’ rate of PRSI.
  • Your options if you wish to retire early

3) Explain Public Sector sick leave arrangements and show you how you can protect your salary.

They will discuss:

  • Reduction of paid sick leave to three months full pay and three months half pay
  • Reduction of uncertified sick leave
  • How salary protection works and can protect your salary.

4) Show you other key areas in which you could make potential savings.

This will include:

  • Life Insurance Review – we’ll make sure you have the right cover for you, at the right price.
  • Health Insurance Review – we compare VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare and Irish Life Health to ensure you’re on the right policy.
  • Home and Car Insurance – you benefit from special group rates we’ve negotiated exclusively for public sector employees.
  • Savings across children’s education savings, retirement and more. 

To book a consultation with a Financial Planning Consultant, call (01) 420 0978.

* Source: Cornmarket, January 2021 (2,242 out of 2,336 questionnaires completed). ** Source: Cornmarket Tax Return Service PAYE Customer Statistics 2020. Cornmarket Tax Return Service is not a regulated financial product.