Podcast and Webinar series

Helping Fórsa members through the pandemic

Podcast & Webinar series hosted by Brent Pope

We teamed up with some of Ireland’s most renowned experts to launch a series of wellness webinars and podcasts to help Fórsa members through the pandemic. Covering everything from general anxiety to motivation, eating habits and money worries, the series is hosted by Brent Pope, Rugby Pundit, Mental Health Advocate and Psychotherapist.

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Resilience & Managing Anxiety - Professor Jim Lucey

Brent talks to Prof Lucey, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Trinity & Consultant Psychiatrist, St Patrick's Mental Health Services. They cover general anxiety during the pandemic and how to cope with the uncertainty of what the future holds. Tune in for helpful guidance and tips.

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Motivation - Ryan O' Reilly

Brent talks to Ryan, leading international motivational speaker, high-performance coach and author, about how to stay motivated in work and at home in the coming months.

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Managing Eating Habits - Emma Murphy

Brent talks to Emma, Psychotherapist and emotional eating specialist, about emotional and binge eating and what we can do to tackle it. Emma has over 10 years’ experience working with women and men struggling with food, weight and body image.

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Money in uncertain times - Trevor Gardiner

Trevor, Financial Services Manager, talks to Billy Hannigan, National Secretary of Fórsa about the most common money concerns during the pandemic. They cover simple ways to save money, plan for the future and free support services for anyone in financial difficulty.

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Why we launched the programme

80% of Fórsa members feel anxious

Before the pandemic, a high number of the claims processed by Cornmarket, for a number of Fórsa's Salary Protection Schemes, related to Mental Health. COVID-19 made people feel a new strain. In a survey of Fórsa members during the pandemic, 80% said they were feeling anxious, with a high proportion having trouble sleeping.

Members told us their top concerns were around parenting, mental health, physical health, weight, appearance and money. We wanted to do something to help by providing access to a panel of highly qualified experts, to help members through this challenging time.

More about the survey results

A message from the experts

Why you should watch the webinar (a 1 min summary of what's covered).

Brent & Emma

Eating Habits

Prof. Jim Lucey

Anxiety & Resilience

Ryan O' Reilly


Trevor Gardiner

Money in uncertain times

People who tuned in said

"It helped me to be more positive, to look at how I’m coping & how I can take better care of me"

"It was good to know that all our reactions to lockdown are similar & normal"

"A structured breakdown to managing stress which was clear and practical"

"Very helpful, especially with the fear of the virus"

"Great tips on how to manage difficult times, refocus and revalue one’s life"


"The info was so practical with no medical jargon. Structured in a way a non-medical person could follow"

"Reduced the guilt about not being 'perfect' "

"Achievable advice given in a down to earth way".

More about the speakers

  • Professor Jim Lucey is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin, and a Consultant Psychiatrist at St. Patrick’s University Hospital in Dublin, with more than 25 years' experience.
  • Emma Murphy, Psychotherapist and emotional eating specialist will talk about how to reduce emotional and binge eating. Emma has over 10 years’ experience working with women and men struggling with food, weight and body image, who are often in a cycle of “Diet-Crash-Binge-Guilt-Diet”.
  • Ryan O'Reilly is a leading international motivational speaker, high-performance coach and author. Ryan has over 15 years' experience working in a senior executive global role with numerous multi-national companies. He has spent the last 7 years' coaching, training, and delivering highly successful workshops to large organisations and international Blue-chip companies. 
  • Trevor Gardiner, Financial Services Manager for Fórsa members in Cornmarket more than 15 years' experience in the industry and works with Fórsa members on a daily basis. Trevor has helped hundreds of Public Sector employees and Fórsa members plan for a more secure financial future.
  • Dr. Colman Noctor, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist , St. Patricks Mental Health Services & Professor at Trinity College. Dr. Noctor has almost 20 years' experience and speaks regularly on Newstalk and at mental health events. He has a keen interest in the effects of digital and social media on the development of kids and teenagers.