Income protection

Keep your finances healthy if you’re too ill to work

Why do you need income protection?

Could you and your family survive financially without your salary? If your answer is no, then you need income protection insurance.

The reality is that you have less paid sick leave from your employer since 2014, if you’re working in the Public Sector.

If you fall ill, it may leave you with a reduced income or none at all, depending on your sick leave history.

Income protection aims to provide you with a replacement income of up to 75% of your salary* to keep the important things in your life on track - like your bills, your mortgage, your savings for the future.

Some common reasons for income protection claims are:

  • Back & limb injuries
  • Pregnancy-related illnesses
  • Mental health illnesses
  • Cancer

Income protection provides invaluable peace of mind that you can continue to pay your outgoings while you focus on recovering.

Almost everything in your life depends on your income. That’s why over 59,000** Public Sector employees have income protection through Cornmarket.

Don’t let a health problem become a financial one.

Get a quote for your Union’s Income Protection Scheme today.

*Less any other income that you are entitled to (e.g. half pay, Ill Health Early Retirement Pension, Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration, State Illness Benefit etc.).**Source: Cornmarket, January 2017. Income Protection may also be called Salary Protection or Income Continuance. Terms & Conditions apply.

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