Helping you get ahead of your health

MyHealthCheck is now closed

MyHealthCheck is a health screening programme designed to help members get ahead of their health. The programme is funded by the GRA Group Life and Income Protection Plans, and the GRA. Eligible members were invited to avail of the programme throughout August 2023 and the programme is now closed.

Read the MyHealthCheck booklet

The MyHealthCheck Guide

For more information on tests, frequently asked questions and how to prepare for your assessment, read the MyHealthCheck booklet here.

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Helping you get ahead of your health

As guardians for public safety, Gardaí face a unique set of challenges and demands. In the 2019 Health and Wellbeing Garda Personnel survey*, Gardaí personnel rated their physical health at an average of 6.6/10. The Garda Representative Association recognised the need for a proactive health and wellbeing programme and together with the GRA Income Protection and Life Cover Plans, they commissioned MyHealthCheck for members.

Who is eligible for MyHealthCheck?

  • All ranks who are members of either The GRA Income Protection or Group Life Plans, including retirees. If you are of Garda rank, you must be a subscribing GRA member.
  • All subscribing GRA members.

About the programme

MyHealthCheck is a health screening programme designed to help members get ahead of their health. Members will be invited to book in, complete a questionnaire and attend a MyHealthCheck clinic in one of twenty-six locations in Ireland. Assessments take just 20 minutes and consist of a combination of measurements and blood tests. Within two weeks members will receive a comprehensive 24+ paged report on their current health status with advice and recommendations from a doctor.

What tests are included?

MyHealthCheck assessments will be performed by a nurse or medical technician and consist of a combination of measurements, blood tests and questionnaires:


  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Waist Circumference

Blood tests:

  • Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • HbA1c
  • Full blood count
  • Liver function
  • Renal (kidney) profile
  • Vitamin D
  • Thyroid Function
  • Iron Studies
  • Vitamin B12
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)


  • Cancer Awareness
  • Cardiovascular disease risk / Q risk heart age
  • Lifestyle, diet and exercise
  • Musculoskeletal,
  • Mental health

For a more detailed list of the test and test description, download the MyHealthCheck guide below.

Your results

Two weeks after attending the clinic, participants will receive a comprehensive 24 + paged health report that includes a valuable overview of their current health status. It will also indicate if any markers are identified for a wide range of life threatening illnesses, including: Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Liver Damage and more.

Results are reviewed by an Irish Medical Council registered doctor, who will provide recommendations on lifestyle and health that will help promote a longer and healthier life.

The report uses a simple colour coded flag system of green, amber and red. A quick summary page is provided to give members a clear overview of their health and highlight areas that they need to address.

While the MyHealthCheck report will provide some information on how to improve health, we highly recommend that you share your report with your personal GP. They are best placed to help you create a plan to improve your long term health.

When did this programme take place?

The opportunity to book an MyHealthCheck assessment was opened on the 01/08/23 and closed on the 30/09/23.

Eligible members* received an invitation by post to book an assessment in August.

Clinics ran between September and December this year.

All participants have now received their MyHealthCheck Report.

This programme is now closed.

Will eligible members have to pay for anything?

The cost of the MyHealthCheck assessment and report is fully covered by the programme. MyHealthCheck has been funded by The GRA, The GRA Group Life and Income Protection Plans, and the GRA.

This programme does not cover any additional healthcare requirements such as referral, investigations, surgery, treatments, medication etc. No parking / travel / meal / accommodation expenses etc. are covered as a part of this programme.

*Source: 2020, based on 5,200 responses to the Health Needs Assessment Survey in 2019.

This programme is brought to members by Cornmarket and GRA on behalf of the scheme underwriter and the GRA and is not a regulated financial product. The booking website and health assessments are managed by Full Health Medical.

Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. A member of the Irish Life Group Ltd. which is part of the Great-West Lifeco Group of companies.

The GRA Group Life Plan & The GRA Income Protection Plan are underwritten by Irish Life. Irish Life Assurance plc. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland