Pink and Blue Power

Breast & Prostate Health Assessment and Education Programme

Pink and Blue Power is a Breast and Prostate Health Assessment and Education Programme. Eligible* members will be invited to participate in the programme. Keep an eye out for your programme** invite in the post.

How it works

Booking for the Pink and Blue Power 2021 programme is now closed.

Next programme will open in 2022.

If you're eligible* for the programme**, Cornmarket will invite you to attend.

  • Booking is simple and is all done online
  • The initial GP appointment only takes 15 minutes
  • If further investigation is needed, Pink Power members will receive a rapid referral to Beaumont Private Clinic or Bon Secours Private Hospital in Dublin. Blue Power members will receive a referral for Bon Secours Private Hospital in Dublin, Cork or Galway.

For more information on the programme**, please read the Guide and FAQ booklet below.

*Female members who are aged between 30 and 49, and male members who are aged between 40 and 65 when invites are issued for each location.

If you have an existing appointment query, please contact the GP/doctor service providers, Full Health Medical on: (01) 554 9795 or email

Pink and Blue Power Video

A guide to Pink and Blue Power Programme**


Programme** participants said

More about Pink and Blue Power

How it started

In 2012, we teamed up with some of Ireland's top medical experts to build Pink & Blue Power, a pioneering, life-saving health assessment and education programme**.

Pink & Blue Power provides vital life-saving education, and a once-off health assessment, to women aged 30-49 and men between age 40 - 65. The aim of Pink & Blue Power is to promote awareness by providing information on the signs and symptoms of breast and prostate cancer.

Cornmarket is proud to be part of the programme** and on behalf of insurers has invited 44,000 customers to participate so far.*

*Source: Cornmarket, June 2020

The facts

  • 15% of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer are 20-40 years old**
  • Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Ireland with 1 in 9 women diagnosed during their life**
  • Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among Irish men***
  • 1 in 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer during their life***

**Breast Cancer Ireland, 2020. ***Irish Cancer Society, 2021.

Clinical partners

The booking website and GP/doctor service is managed by Full Health Medical. The referral appointments are managed by Beaumont Private Clinic and Bon Secours Private Hospitals, Cork, Galway and Dublin. The Pink Power Programme is endorsed by Breast Cancer Ireland.



The Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Many of us are feeling anxious about our own health and the health of loved ones, and it’s understandable to feel cautious about an upcoming appointment at a medical centre or at a hospital. Despite the fear of Covid-19, medical professionals are recommending that routine check-ups should be kept on the calendar. Such appointments are important in finding potential health issues before they become a problem, as many health risks can only be detected by a physical exam. Maintaining routine check-ups can enable early detection of health conditions, and therefore early treatment. Information regarding Covid-19 protocols for the Pink and Blue Power Programme** appointments can be found in the Pink and Blue Power guide and FAQ booklet located on this page.

Important: While some participants are diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer through the programme, it is not a screening programme. The assessment provided only reflects a point in time. No test or exam will pick up every case of breast cancer or prostate cancer. Therefore, if you have signs and/or symptoms that are concerning for breast or prostate cancer, now or in the future, please consult with your own GP without delay. Please read the guide and FAQ booklet above before you book.

Source****: Cornmarket, Pink & Blue Power Survey 2019/2020

**This programme is brought to members by Cornmarket on behalf of Scheme / Plan underwriter

The Salary Protection Scheme for INTO members is underwritten by Irish Life Assurance plc.

The DCU Group Income Continuance Plan is underwritten by n by Aviva Life & Pensions Designated Activity Company.

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