Pink and Blue Power

Breast & Prostate Health Assessment and Education Programme

Our fight against cancer

27 Cornmarket customers have been diagnosed with Cancer through the Programme so far.

“It saved my life as it picked up breast cancer early and I was treated. Without pink power my story would have been very different”

“They found something abnormal during the assessment, its early and hopefully caught in time”

“I required surgery so the pink power campaign was of great benefit to me. Literally saved my life”

“Very worthwhile. Simple, quick and painless. Every man should avail of this”

Our aim is to raise awareness and empower our customers with education. Ultimately, we want to join the fight against cancer to help save lives.

Source: Cornmarket, March 2019 (survey results of INMO, TUI and Fórsa campaigns, 2018).

27 lives potentially saved

12 breast cancers and 15 prostate cancers have been found in our customers so far. Swift intervention was provided through the programme. Awareness has also increased by 50% in women.

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INMO, TUI and Fórsa programmes

In January 2018, we launched a programme for INMO, TUI and Fórsa members with a Salary/Income Protection/Continuance policy through Cornmarket. Over the past year, 15,000 eligible members were invited to participate (women under age 50 and men aged 40 - 65).

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The results have been astounding so far.

  • 11 members have been diagnosed with cancer
  • 4, 091 booked a GP appointment
  • 896 were referred for further tests (Mammogram, Ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, biopsy).

The outlook is good for many, thanks to swift intervention. Appointments will be complete by the end of May and a final report will be issued in June 2019.

Sources: Beaumont Private Clinic, Bon Secours Private Hospitals (Dublin/Cork), Full Health Medical and Cornmarket, April 2019.

How it works

The programme is available to Cornmarket customers under some Salary/Income Protection/Continuance policies, for a limited period. If you are eligible to avail of the programme, an invite will be sent to you by Cornmarket.

Booking is simple and is all done online. The initial GP appointment only takes 15 minutes. If further investigation is needed, members get a rapid referral to Beaumont Private Clinic (Pink Power) or Bon Secours Private Hospital in Dublin, Cork or Galway (Blue Power).

Referral costs, and any scans or biopsies required, are fully covered under the member's Cornmarket policy (unless they have health insurance that covers some of the tests). For more info and full terms and conditions, please read the guide documents below.


Medical helpline

For any queries on appointments, please phone the Full Health GP Service Medical Helpline on (01) 554 9795 or email the GP team here.

A guide to Pink & Blue Power

How it started

With a high rate of cancer claims among our customers, we wanted to do more than just provide cover. So back in 2012, we teamed up with some of Ireland's top medical experts to build Pink & Blue Power, a pioneering, life-saving assessment and education programme.

Pink & Blue Power provides an assessment, and education, to women under age 50 and men between age 40 - 65, who may be at risk.

There is currently no official national service available for these age groups (BreastCheck is available to women over age 50).

The facts

  • 30% of women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer between age 20-50*
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland with 1 in 9 women diagnosed during their life*
  • Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among Irish men**
  • 1 in 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer during their life**

*Breast Cancer Ireland, February 2019. **Irish Cancer Society, February 2019.

Our Partners

The programme is endorsed by Breast Cancer Ireland and clinically run by Full Health Medical GP service providers, Beaumont Private Clinic and Bon Secours Private Hospitals in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

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