Pink Power

Breast Health Assessment & Education Programme Invite

Your Pink Power Invite

Cornmarket and your union have teamed up to invite you to avail of Pink Power, a breast health assessment and education programme. The aim is to empower members with education on how to self-check and what to look out for. Through Pink Power, you can avail of an appointment with a primary care doctor for:

✔ A once-off clinical breast exam

✔ A guide on how to self-check

✔ Advice and a report on your current breast health

✔ Education on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

If the doctor finds that you require further investigation, onward referral to a participating private facility will be arranged for you. Private referral costs can be up to €900 if you require a further consultation, scans and a biopsy. However, this cost will be covered under your Salary Protection Scheme if it’s not covered by your health insurance or if you don’t have health insurance in place.

Pink Power is only available for a limited time period. Available appointment times and locations are listed on the booking website below. Diaries fill up quickly so book early to avoid disappointment!

Important: While some participants will be diagnosed with breast cancer through Pink Power, it is not a screening programme. The Pink Power assessment only reflects a point in time. No test or examination will pick up every breast cancer. Therefore, if you have signs and/or symptoms that are concerning for breast cancer, now or in the future, please consult with your own GP without delay. Please read the enclosed guide before you book.

This programme is brought to members by Cornmarket on behalf of the scheme underwriter and is not a regulated financial product. The booking website and doctor service is managed by Full Health Medical.