Breast Health Awareness & Education Programme

For TUI members

Breast Health Awareness & Education Programme

for TUI members

Cornmarket has partnered with the TUI and Breast Cancer Ireland to deliver a Breast Health Awareness & Education Programme for all TUI members. The team will talk to members about breast health awareness and demonstrate the early signs of breast cancer.

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Awareness saves lives. Educate yourself on breast health. Email:

How it works?

Presentations can take place virtually or in-person depending on your school or college’s preference.

The programme is all about starting a discussion about breast health and encouraging TUI members to self-check regularly to identify what is normal for them, so that if an abnormality occurs it will be detected early.

Using a medically induced mannequin the Breast Cancer Ireland team will show the 8 signs and symptoms of breast cancer as well as how to perform a self-check examination. Presentations take approximately 30 minutes and can be arranged during lunch time or after school / college hours.

Did you know?

  • 30% of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year are between the ages of 20 and 50*
  • 1 in 9 women* will develop breast cancer during the course of their lifetime.

*Source: Breast Cancer Ireland, 2023


To register your interest, email and we will be in touch with you to arrange a presentation for a suitable date and time.

A guide to the Breast Health Awareness & Education Programme

This programme is brought to you through the TUI Income Continuance Scheme**.

This programme provides an education and awareness presentation on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer only. It is the responsibility of each TUI member or attendee of the presentation to investigate any health concerns directly with their G.P. DISCLAIMER: The relevant union/association, programme organisers, sponsors and supporters of the programme cannot be held responsible for any subsequent development of disease following participation in the programme.

**The TUI Income Continuance Scheme is underwritten by New Ireland Assurance Company plc.