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GRA Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) Scheme

Most of us have cast a thought about what life will be like when we stop working and retire. The reality is that people are living longer and when we reach retirement, we not only want to maintain our current standard of living; we also want to be able to enjoy all the things that we can do with the extra free time!

For some, the standard Garda Pension may adequately serve these needs; but for others, some additional planning and forecasting or a ‘top-up’ may be required.

This is where the GRA AVC Scheme comes in. Designed for GRA members like you, and with thousands of existing members, the AVC Scheme allows you to build up additional savings now, in a very tax efficient manner, for use at retirement to top up your Garda Pension benefits e.g. to maximise your tax-free lump sum.

Did you know?

By 2020, the state retirement pension will not be paid until age 67, and already most early retirement initiatives have been removed! Who can predict what the Government’s next move will be with regards to funding the pensions of our increasingly ageing population? So is it any wonder that more and more members are taking control of their retirement plans?

Why not check out our video about the importance of AVCs?

For more information or to become a member of the GRA AVC Scheme, call us now on (01) 2000 100.