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What can I claim?

Flat Rate Expenses

Like all tax credits, this is money off your tax bill. Flat rate expenses are job-related tax relief, received by nurses, teachers and certain other professions. They’re given at your marginal rate of tax. 

For example:

  • A full-time teacher can get tax relief of €233**
  • A nurse who supplies and launders their uniform can get tax relief of €293**.

**2022 tax credits

Help to Buy

Help to Buy (HTB) This scheme allows first time buyers to claim a tax rebate equal to 5% of the value of the house – up to €20,000.

Educational and medical expenses

Education fees You can claim tax relief on fees over €3,000 (per household) that you have paid for approved third level education courses. The maximum fees you can claim are €7,000 per student per year. The first €3,000 for full-time courses is not claimable.

Medical You can claim for tax relief at 20% for the following expenses:

  • Doctor, GP, consultant or hospital fees
  • Drugs or medicines prescribed by a doctor, dentist or consultant up to a certain limit
  • Non-routine dental treatments, e.g. crowns/veneers/root canal
  • Certain dietary products recommended by a doctor, e.g. coeliac/diabetic.

This information is correct as of March 2022.

Pension contributions

While you’re employed, and making pension contributions, you may be entitled to tax relief.

  • If you’re paying pension contributions through salary deduction, your tax relief is applied automatically at source
  • If you pay by Direct Debit, you need to claim tax relief from Revenue.

You can also claim tax relief on deductions from your Gratuity Lump Sum and any Single Premium AVC contributions you may make.

Home Carer Tax Credit

You can claim the Home Carer Tax Credit of €1,600 (2022 rate) if you, or someone else you live with is staying at home to care for a dependent person other than your spouse.

You're able to earn up to €7,200 a year and still claim this credit.

Income Protection Premiums

If you have an Income Protection policy, you’re able to claim tax relief on your premiums if you pay through Direct Debit.

If you pay your premiums through salary deduction, your tax relief will be applied automatically at source.


What to consider

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Please note: For PAYE Tax Returns: Following calculation of your tax return, if, based on the information you have provided we calculate that a refund is due, we will file your return automatically for you (we may contact you to obtain your approval before filing). If our calculation indicates that you owe money to Revenue we will request your approval to file your return. For Non-PAYE Tax Returns: We will only file a return after requesting your approval to do so.

Why choose us?

We’ve been helping public sector workers with their tax for nearly 50 years. We understand your needs. With our knowledge in the industry, we’ll find out if you’re due a refund and ensure you're tax compliant – with no jargon and no hassle. 

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Our free Online Will Service, valued at €75, includes:

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Dental Insurance is underwritten by DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland DAC.

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