There is no doubt that the menopause has become a bit of a hot topic this year, with the rise of celebrity discussing their peri-menopausal symptoms. Still, it’s thought that nearly 80%* of women feel underprepared for this transition. This week Norah talks to former nurse Kathleen Kinsella of Kinsella Management Solutions and founder of the Menopause Hub, Loretta Dignam about the impact menopause has on the wellbeing and mental health of nurses and midwives. With 33%* of women experiencing episodes of anxiety, it’s time to talk about it and maybe even change the conversation.

Let’s Wrap It Up: Each episode ends with a quick 5-minute wrap up session with mental health expert Bríd O’Meara; links to Bríd's support recommendations include:

If you have been affected by the conversation today, there are a number of one to one and self-directed mental health supports available to you. Visit our Support Services page for more information.