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Bespoke webinars

As a part of Let’s Talk About It, Zevo Health are creating a number of bespoke mental health webinars on topics chosen by INMO members!

Day 11: Compassion fatigue and burnout in nurses and midwives

Working in emotionally demanding environment can cause issues like compassion fatigue and burnout. This webinar will go throu...

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Communication skills for emotionally heightened interactions

Working in a high stress environment with many different types of people can lead to challenging interactions. This webinar w...

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Day 25: Recovering from stressful shifts | Webinar

Long hours and stressful situations can make it difficult to switch off after your shifts and get enough sleep. This webinar ...

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Support Services

Find out more about the different mental health support services available to INMO members.

One-to-one support

INMO's 24hr Counselling Phone Line, 50808 Text About It and EAPs options

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Peer Support

Peer support can be a great way to talk about the issues you are facing with other nurses and midwives.

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CBT courses on stress, sleep and resilience, as well as guides and other supports.

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Bespoke content with practical advice, specifically created for INMO members

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Let’s Talk About It, a mental health collective for INMO members, is brought you by INMO and Cornmarket.