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A real and honest conversation about mental health

About the Podcast

-- Launching June 2021 --

Former Nurse, publisher and TV personality Norah Casey is on a mission to get Nurses and Midwives talking about their mental health. Each week, Norah will have a real and honest conversation with INMO members, leading mental health experts and relevant groups as they unpack the challenges experienced by the nurses and midwives in Ireland.

Using insights from our project research, this series will cover everything from 'The situation’ – impacts from Covid-19' and ‘Not for me’ - myths & stigma around seeking support, to ‘Is it ok to just get on with it? - self-compassion. You’ll hear truths, the highs and lows of the profession and get practical advice along the way.

Let's get nurses and midwives talking about mental health

The podcast objective

Let's normalise talking about mental health.

To explore the stigma associated with mental health, break barriers around seeking support and understand experiences of those in the profession, our Norah Casey will be joined by guests including those from the INMO community, groups involved in the initiative, and mental health experts.

This series will give a platform to various opinions, testimony, and perspectives on mental health matters in the nursing & midwifery profession. Let's normalise conversations around mental health among INMO members, fostering a spirit of community and self compassion.

What our research told us

Through our research project to inform the “Let’s Talk About It” initiative, we learned of the key occupational, social and Covid 19 related stressors that exist in the nursing & midwifery profession, and the consequences these can have on the physical and mental health of nurses & midwives.

There is a degree of stigma around discussing mental health issues and certain barriers to seeking help when the need arises, such as a “just get on with it” culture and a lack of awareness of how to access support services.

In our shape this initiative survey*, 26% of respondents noted they adopt a “just get on with it” approach when feeling stressed, anxious or under pressure in work, as opposed to talking to a friend, colleague or manager. Less than 1% of our survey respondents said they would seek help from a professional.

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Get involved

This podcast is a platform that aims to create awareness, understanding and normalise talking about mental health in nursing and midwifery.

If you‘d like to contribute to the discussion by sharing your experience or if there’s a particular topic you’d like to see addressed, please let us know by emailing our Wellness Team.

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*Source: Cornmarket’s Shape the Initiative Survey, March 2021, based on 1,134 responses from INMO Income Protection Scheme.

Let’s Talk About It, a mental health collective for INMO members, is brought you by INMO and Cornmarket.