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Bespoke webinars

Ahead of the launch of Let's Talk About It, we’re giving INMO members early access to 3 bespoke webinars on topics selected by INMO members. Zevo Health have created pre-recorded webinars so you will be able to watch them at a time that suits you best.

7th April | Compassion fatigue and burnout in nurses and midwives

As nurses, you work in an emotionally demanding environment which can cause issues like compassion fatigue and burnout. This webinar will go through what these are, some helpful tips on how to prevent and manage them and building resilience.

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Up Next: bespoke webinars in April and May

As a part of Let’s Talk About It, Zevo Health are creating a number of bespoke mental health webinars on topics chosen by INMO members over April and May!

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Creating bespoke webinars with Zevo Health

Wellbeing specialists Zevo Health have joined the Let’s Talk About It mental health collective to deliver bespoke webinars, on topics that matter to INMO members.

Using research and insights

Zevo Health drew from our research project, when creating a selection of topics that could benefit INMO members.

This research includes:

  1. A review of current research and literature in relation to nurses' and midwives' mental health
  2. In-depth one-to-one interviews with INMO Members
  3. Results from the INMO Covid-19 mental health Survey

We'll be releasing our research in May!

Topics selected by INMO Members

In preparation for the launch of Let’s Talk About It, we asked INMO members to help shape the initiative by completing a short survey.   Over 1,000 members confirmed what topics they want to see and when they wanted to see them!

About Zevo Health

Zevo Health is a workplace wellness company that consists of a team of health care professionals from a psychology, exercise and nutritional background. Every programme Zevo implement is designed by Zevo's team of expert health coaches.

Let’s Talk About It, a mental health collective for INMO members, is brought you by INMO and Cornmarket.