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Price Increases for Health Insurance Premiums Set for January 2015

Source: The Irish Independent
Author: Charlie Weston
Date: 01/12/14

Aviva Health has announced they will be increasing the price of health insurance premiums from the 1st January 2015. A price increase of 3.5% will affect a range of their health plans and according to Aviva Health this is a necessary measure which will enable them to continue to meet the rise in the cost of claims.

Price increases are also expected to occur across the other providers GloHealth and VHI Healthcare, with Laya Healthcare stating it won’t be increasing its premium prices this January. From the end of December 2014, it is expected that GloHealth will be increasing their prices across a number of plans by approximately 5.2%. VHI Healthcare is set to increase their prices by 4% on a number of their corporate plans from January 2015. With these price increases coming on board, the providers will also be launching a number of new plans along with special offers.  

In January 2015, Aviva Health will be launching Aviva Select plans which will be lower cost alternative plans, starting from €498 a year. GloHealth will be offering reductions on their new Activate plan range, as well as half-price child cover on some of their Net plans. VHI Healthcare is set to re-introduce half-price offers on its One, Teachers Select, and Nurses Plan Select plans. 
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